Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Inside View

I recently finished reading, “A Flare from Deep in the Forest” by Holly Harden. This brief essay spoke to me, moved me, and inspired me. Below is my free-write response.

I write because I can’t sing.
I write because I listen to the words as I put them on the paper.
I write because I feel the music of nature.
I write because I am the emotion.
I carry the emotion in my mind, my heart, in my eyes.
I write because it connects me to a life I cannot express, to a world which doesn’t listen, to a body that is growing old.

picture credit: unknown

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Soaring high above fertile grounds I see your eyes upon me,
Watching, waiting patiently, like a wolf
In pin-stripped clothing.

Your call is sweet
tender and warm, I hear it
flying through trees

my body burns hot
like the fire inside
ignited by carnal desire.

Swiftly you glide in
wrapping me in your arms
I struggle for a moment
then I bend,
as your lips caress
and fingertips
fulfilling ecstasy begins.

picture credit: unknown